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WORLD OF FRANCES is a unique self-care toolkit; offering scientific and spiritual wisdom for your life inspired by its founders own transformative journey from global Financial Advisor to Therapist, Frances Morris. Based on the premise that both men and women should have the opportunity to explore an alternative way of living, that puts them in direct alignment with their natural state. With a passion for travel, spiritual alchemy and neuroscience, Frances’s own life serves as a focal point of inspiration for the detailed research and articles provided.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Light 🌟

5.0 rating

Frances is super aproachable and willing to help. I found her page after responding to such an informative comments about the mind and fell in love with this page and the owner since. Now i just need to find the time to commit to this beauty called “the mind” ♥️♥️♥️♥️ much love xxx


Captivating and concise content - body, mind, soul!

5.0 rating

I’ve learnt about how my brain functions on a scientific level and beforehand it’s been a spiritual and psychological approach I’ve learnt; I’ve always shied away from delving into in-depth science! You’ll learn how to live a better life when KNOWING HOW TO.

zana mahani

Frances has found the perfect line to straddle between art and science...:

5.0 rating

Whether you are more able to relate to spiritually based topics, the arts, fashion, and emotional intelligence or work off of hard science, developments in psychology and the studies of human kind – Frances has the perfect blend of both worlds. If you are looking to continue your education in one area or open up a new area of study her poetic and highly intellectual writing easily grasps ones attention. She is force to be reckoned with- and makes one want to follow her lead.


Great information

5.0 rating

I am a psychology major therefore I am so interested with everything on this page! Very informative and useful 🙂


Behind The Scenes: Female Entrepreneurship

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