Frances: A Modern-Day Spiritual Alchemist

Frances is a modern-day spiritual alchemist researching the scientific, spiritual and philosophical interpretations of life that will aid your transformative journey.

The journey of a Spiritual Alchemist is a very individual and intimate quest that will consciously deepen our insight into the souls purpose and further explore the unique impact we make in this world, gained through critical introspection, meditation, mindful living and objective investigation.

My career in finance – spanning 7 countries in 9 years – came to an abrupt end due to an Autoimmune Disease, misdiagnosed as a Mental Illness due to the similarity of shared symptoms. In my search to overcome this, I became an advocate for Mental Health and Wellness that encouraged the last 4 years of intense, private study into neuroscience, psychology, emotive behaviour, yogic sciences and religion; learning first-hand the profound effects of spiritually-based practices.

I am a qualified NLP practitioner, EFT/TFT Therapist and currently attending the Harvard School of Business online, in order to further my understanding of the mind and body.

Now, with the recently acquired help of a Neuroscientist, I am researching neuroplasticity and the powerful impact of forming habitual behaviours through the integration of an Emotional Education.

Born into a dynamic, entrepreneurial family diversified my ongoing research into the substantial impact, mindful living can have on every aspect of our lives that encouraged me to conduct interviews with successful entrepreneurs. These questions exposed the mentality, drive, risks and qualifications it takes, to create a successful business.

The goal of this website is to enable both men and women the opportunity to explore an alternative way of living, that puts them in direct alignment with their natural state through the wisdom of spiritual alchemy.

Please enjoy, sending you all Love, Light and Healing x Frances