Ho’oponopono Indigenous Hawaiian Prayer & Origins

I recently discovered the Ho'oponopono Prayer from my research into the Laws of Attraction and the information available on this tradition appears to be well hidden, nevertheless, I have done some digging and have uncovered the history of this healing prayer; how we can use it to clear emotional and financial blocks, integral inner child work and physical healing.  This blog will also include the Indigenous Hawaiian spiritual beliefs that the Ho'oponopono prayer is based on so that we can further our understanding on this incredible tradition used and taught by the indigenous Hawaiian healers, including, the origins of the Ho'oponopono prayer, Indigenous Hawaiian Beliefs and Adapted Practises; Kahuna lapa'au Priest, Kapuna Nana Veary, Morrnah Simeona, Ihaleakala Hew Len, recommended reading and the Ho'oponopono Healing Prayer Process with Mantras.

What is the Ho’oponopono Prayer?

I recently discovered the Ho’oponopono Prayer from my research into the Laws of Attraction and the information available on this tradition appears to be well hidden, nevertheless, I have done some digging and have uncovered the history of this healing prayer; how we can use it to clear emotional and financial blocks, integral inner child work and physical healing.

This blog will also include the Indigenous Hawaiian spiritual beliefs that the Ho’oponopono prayer is based on so that we can further our understanding of this incredible tradition used and taught by the indigenous Hawaiian healers.

“Hooponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction, with the synonyms manage or supervise, and the antonym careless. Similar forgiveness practices are performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. Traditional Hooponopono is practised by Indigenous Hawaiian healers, often within the extended family by a family member.”

Post Includes:

  • The origins of the Ho’oponopono prayer.
  • Indigenous Hawaiian Beliefs and Adapted Practises; Kahuna lapa’au Priest, Kapuna Nana Veary, Morrnah Simeona, Ihaleakala Hew Len.
  • Recommended Reading.
  • The Ho’oponopono Healing Prayer Process with Mantras.

ho'oponopono hawaiian indigeonous prayer origins world of frances

Indigenous Hawaiian Beliefs and Adapted Practices:

In 1958, Kapuna Nana Veary – a Hawaiian scholar – published Change We Must: My Spiritual Journey which included the ancient Hawaiian practice of the Ho’oponopono prayer that according to Hawaiian elders, the name we know today was in fact, not used in earlier traditions. However, there was a strong belief that illness was brought upon the human body by the Gods if the person broke Kapu – translates as ‘forbidden’ is the ancient Hawaiian code of conduct of laws and regulations – or spiritual conduct.

If someone was suffering from an illness, it could not be cured until the person recompensed that was aided by a kahuna lapa’au – a healing priest – and forgiveness was decided by the Gods or from the person(s) there was a dispute with. It was also believed that stress, anger, guilt mutual accusations and those who refused to forgive and if a child became ill, it was due to the families actions and emotions, collectively and healing could only take place when the family in its entirety was completely forgiven. Kapuna Nana Vearys book, details the commonality of families meeting regularly to either prevent future problems and or make amends? with separated family members in Hawaii.

ho'oponopono hawaiian indigeonous prayer origins world of frances Morrnah Simeona

In 1976, a healing priest known as Morrnah Simeona adapted the Ho’oponopono prayer to make it relevant for modern-day practices for problem-solving and enabling people to conduct this spiritual practice at home but with a view to healing Karma. Simeona expressed her belief that ‘you have to experience by yourself what you have done to others,’ however, you are the creator of your reality and have brought about life circumstances that where ‘brought with us from other lifetimes.‘ Simeona has also spoken about the Ho’oponopono Prayer in front of the United Nations and founded Pacifica Seminars, The Foundation of ZII LLC and SITH Inc. – Freedom of the Cosmos -. You can also read her textbooks on the subject matter; A Self-Identity through Hooponopono, Basic 1 (128 pg), Basic 2to use after two years of practising–  and Basic 3A to use after five years -. These waiting times between Basic 2 and 3 are used for developing a deeper connection and respect for the Divine or God.

This is also cohesive with the Hermetic Principle, Cause and Effect that you can read in more depth about on my earlier blog here.

Simeonas’ adaptation of the Ho’oponopono prayer is believed to correct any wrongdoings in all lifetimes and has the power to release ‘unhappy, negative experiences in past reincarnations and to resolve and remove traumas from the memory banks.’ however, her practice does not include the mantras many of you may be familiar with today.

ho'oponopono Joe vitale Hho'oponopono hawaiian indigeonous prayer origins world of frances

A former student of Morrnah Simeona, Ihaleakala Hew Len, brought her teachings to Dr Joe Vitale – famously known for his appearance on The Secret movie – that resulted in a book called At Zero that includes the Ancient Hawaiian practice with the addition of a mantra that is becoming popular in recent times. The book discusses the Ho’oponopono prayer with the view to remove all memory, identity in which we have been wrongly defined either socially or by others that we believe to be true, and clear past life karma so that we can learn to accept full responsibility for both ourselves and others based on the belief that we are all one and thus intrinsically connected. Thus, enabling us to repent, apologise, heal, ask for forgiveness and give thanks so that we can create our new identity or start over with a clean slate.

Ihaleakala Hew Len has an incredible website called Zero-Wise that offers tools, healing techniques and his adapted version of the Ho’oponopono Prayer that includes the mantra listed under ‘Prayers’ below:

“At Zero-Wise we are working to provide an online structure through which people can practice the Hawaiian cleaning processes referred to as ?SITH? or Self-I-Dentity-Through-Ho?oponopono begun many years ago by Morrnah N. Simeona and the teachings of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Ho?oponopono means to ?make right? in the Hawaiian language. Through our online sharing, inspired by Dr. Hew Len, we hope to make the cleaning processes a way of life and available to all who are interested to be ?cleaning in action? and ?love in action?. In this way the impact of ?making right? grows exponentially around the world.

The Ho?oponopono cleaning process allows direct contact with the divine wisdom, love and inspiration already within each of us.   It is achieved when memories replaying as thoughts, fears, and judgments are transmuted to ZERO by Love. It is a state of being which enables us to lead inspired lives.”

The indigenous Hawaiian Process:

As discussed, the Ho’oponopono prayer is used to restore health, emotional wounds, past life criminality, family relationships and conduct inner child work with the help of the persons’ Gods or God.

In order to begin the process of spiritual or physical healing, including those listed above, people must first state the nature of the problem and then discuss it among the family in order to fix the problem. Members of the family will collectively take a moment to meditate on the emotions and injuries they face so that everyone’s feelings are acknowledged which enables them to confess, repent and ask for forgiveness.

They release the past which marks the closure of all issues they faced and celebrates with a ceremonial family feast known as pani, that included the traditional Kala seaweed dish that represents release and the person forgiven is awarded a lei made from the fruit of the hala tree.

ho'oponopono hawaiian indigeonous prayer origins world of frances

How to use Ihaleakala Hew Lens’ Ho’oponopono Prayer:

This prayer process from the book Zero Limits which he co-wrote with Dr Joe Vitale and have read several times, along with the sequel At Zero that includes the following prayer 4 step process and mantras that I now use and recommend. I would also like to note, that for beginners, I suggest getting a large piece of blank paper, a blue pen specifically and writing down everything that your facing negatively in your reality, then, taken a second blank piece of paper and using the same pen, proceed with the following steps to heal those harsh realities you listed or drew in the first piece of paper, one-by-one.

Step 1: Repenting wrongdoings or sin | Mantra: ‘I am sorry’

As mentioned, the Ho’oponopono prayer requires every person to take full responsibility and accountability for everything in their mind as this is reflected in their perceived reality, and once we accept that we can begin the healing process. This includes even the following type of events; famine, war, tornadoes, tsunamis, suffering, epidemics…yes I understand that this may be difficult to comprehend, however, as I stated in previous blog posts on the topic of mindfulness, everything has two sides of the same coin in life and when we accept this, albeit challenging, we gain the power to reap the rewards of changing the world and ourselves for the better. In other words, it gives us full control.

To begin, the mantra used during step 1 is ‘I am sorry’ and to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, it is best from experience, to start taking responsibility for the personal circumstances you face and your own physical body, for example, are you addicted to drugs, alcohol, believe everything goes wrong, can’t control your anger, fear or what is defined as ‘negative emotions‘,  bad health, mental illness, financial difficulties or all of the above? It can be absolutely anything and all you can think of.

Once you have everything either written or clear in your mind, you begin by saying either out loud or mindfully ‘I AM SORRY‘ and then expand on this so that you are clear; ‘I understand now that I am fully responsible for this….enter what problem you are specifically sorry for one at a timein my life and I am extremely remorseful that my consciousnessmind has caused this. I am truly sorry.’

Step 2: Asking for Forgiveness | Mantra: ‘PLEASE FORGIVE ME’

Once you feel truly sorry, and this may take some time, you want to ask for forgiveness; now you can choose who you are asking forgiveness from, for example, God, Gods, All, the Divine, The Universe; whichever is applicable to you and your beliefs. You can begin by stating, out loud or mindfully, the mantra ‘PLEASE FORGIVE ME‘ repeatedly for what you apologised for in step 1, until you truly believe it within your heart that you want to be forgiven.

Step 3: Gratitude and Giving Thanks | Mantra: ‘THANK YOU’

When we have genuinely asked for forgiveness and feel so emotionally, we can begin saying ‘THANK YOU’ – out loud or mindfully – to our chosen ‘Higher Power‘. Give thanks for becoming consciously aware that you have taken full responsibility and now have the power to change things and or re-write the wrongs either in this lifetime or past reincarnations. Give thanks for your incredible mind, for your body and all that it does for you. Thank yourself for being the best you can be and now that you know better, you will do better. Give thanks for understanding, compassion, your imagination, Higher Power, the Universe, God etc for forgiving you.

Step 4: Love | Mantra: ‘I LOVE YOU’

Whilst in a state of gratitude, you can begin moving easily into the emotion of love. Repeating ‘I LOVE YOU‘ to your chosen ‘Higher Power‘. You can also say I LOVE YOUout loud or mindfully -, to your body, to water, to the oxygen you breathe, to your neighbours, your family, your friends, your spiritual advisor, your priest, your home or shelter, for the lessons and challenges that improve your mind and life and so on and so forth.

Feel into Love and all of its power as nothing is more effective, more healing than Love.

Have you tried the Ho’oponopono Prayer and did you know of its origins? I have recently begun my practice and I have learned a lot, especially whilst I have worked on my ‘inner child’ and asking for forgiveness on behalf of my ancestors as of course, they all contributed genetically to our existence.

Like any spiritual based practice, it only works if you believe it will work, therefore, do not be afraid to adapt it to your own belief systems so that it will benefit you and your life.

Sending you all love and light,



Images belong to their respected owners and were not used for selling purposes but to showcase the incredible Hawaiian artists on this topic of Indigenous Hawaiian Practices including HawaiiArt and Art by Tania Wursig

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