I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting some fearless women throughout my career in finance and now through blogging; I met clients that gave me advice I shall never forget, some women that became true friends by inspiring me to live authentically and others taught me everything they knew about business.

I have interviewed women from NYC to Paris and everywhere in between, who have bravely started successful consultancy firms, blogs, and brands. They welcomed an honest conversation on the topic of women in business and what it really takes to become self-employed. More importantly, some of the interviews I conducted, revealed what it truly means to live bravely which is something we all need help with now and again.

I am of the opinion that more women should speak up about their success and failures so that we can all learn from it and start creating the lives we dream of. Therefore, the following answers to my questions were written directly by them, with transparency and a willingness to share their knowledge with us.

Whether you seek motivation, inspiration or guidance, I am sure you will find it here in this Entrepreneurship series.