The Wilderness of Intuition | What Is “Intuition” | How To Trust Your Instincts

The Wilderness of Intuition | What Is “Intuition” | How To Trust Your Instincts

The Wilderness of Intuition | What Is Intuition or A Gut Feeling? | How To Trust Your Instincts


“But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.” — Nikola Tesla

Throughout history, many of whom we deem ‘great minds’ in this world, often remark on the importance of trusting their own intuition. From Aristotle, Oprah, Tesla, Steve Jobs to Einstein and yet, we hear nothing of this throughout our formal education. Upon researching this topic for my book, I came across a talk by Dr Martin L. Rossman who emphasises the importance of ‘emotional education‘ as it is just as significant and impactful to our lives as say mathematics and logic and I couldn’t agree more. We are thoroughly versed on the tools that will enable us to take the next step in our education or career and not on how we cope with everyday life and of course love and develop relationships with others.

What is Intuition & How To Trust It

From my own spiritual journey, and the practice of what I have learned from various books and discussions on the matter, I have found that learning to trust your own instincts is a rather difficult task. The best route to doing so is often by clearing your mind of all the doubts which is just the natural disposition of our reptilian brain in order to avoid harm and as far as we know, meditation is the best route to take in order to achieve that. Our intuition, however, is what guides us to and keeps us in our own safe and specific path in life. Intuition will always lead us to what we truly want in life, regardless of whether we know what we want or need consciously or not. I find it odd that we are living in a circular bubble, in the middle of the universe, with bodies that are made up of over 70% water and yet we find it difficult to accept the unknown but that is reason enough for me to find out more about this powerful gift.

Intuition is often related to women and yet men possess this as well. It is as if we have associated being in touch with our emotions, as a more feminine quality and yet is vital to every human’s well-being, safety and experience in life. In fact, I would go as far as to say, that given the number of times intuition has been mentioned throughout history, it is still, somehow, a rather undermined gift and is rarely discussed unless there has been a tragedy or negative situation. I often wonder why the teachings of Aristotle, Tesla and others who mention the profound effect intuition had on their lives, is not taught to us in school.

How To Trust Your Instincts 

Assuming meditation and the practice of mindfulness has become a habit, you will notice that within the silence, only the truth can be heard. No longer is the noisiness of our minds, clouding our pathway to Source/God. This is a key step in your journey to trusting yourself because our thoughts are merely regurgitated memories and communication that has accumulated in our minds throughout our lives, whereas our intuition and mind silence is what some may refer to as God or Source. It will not become possible, to trust yourself, if at first, you do not distinguish the difference between your thoughts, ego and emotion. To trust yourself completely means you are in fact trusting the unknown, the creator, the universe or whichever term you are most comfortable with, which resides in us all.

Often, as humans, we need evidence to convince ourselves of what is fact and yet, what we do not do, is convince our own selves that we are being guided by a higher energy and there is no need for us to understand the overall picture but to surrender control and follow our own path, guided by our intuition. I have found that every time I have sought control over a situation it has either been a success which has lasted minutely or it has gone horribly wrong and forced me into a state of worry and stress.  Remember control is Ego that convinces us that we know better and allows us to take responsibility for the results. Any emotion that is not understood and or used correctly to elevate our natural state of being is only creating stumbling blocks on the route to our destiny and as a result, hinder the journey. Emotions are tools we envoke in order to respond to a particular situation, interact with others and aid our experiences of life. Yet the untrained mind uses emotions to react to life which is why we doubt our own abilities. Silencing of the mind is where we hear the responses to either our prayers or wishes and intuition is what guides us to safety, guides us to Source/God; serves our well-being and lead us through the vital lessons we must learn. Ignoring this ability is like leaving your life in the hands of fate and avoiding responsibility because we find it safer to be ignorant and yet whether you acknowledge your own intuition and inner guidance or not, at some point, you will have felt this indescribable feeling and use it much more than you think.

Emotional Education

Emotions influence everything that we do because we allow them to do so; voting, legal matters, illegal behaviour, relationships, business decisions, behaviours and how successful our relationships are with family and friends. Whereas our intuition tells us the truth of the matter and always follows the route to Source/God. Emotional education is vital for us all to master in our own time because the ramifications of living a life without such knowledge, only hinder our experience and create unnecessary regret and negative circumstances. It would be such a shame for us to avoid accessing such a powerful tool that serves our needs and our purpose in the most profound way.

Trust just as we know it, takes time to build but as experience would tell us all if we do not trust ourselves then how can we trust others and our experiences in life? It is vital to our existence, to recognise and acknowledge the gifts and tools we have been born with and have access to in order to utilise them to create the best life for ourselves and as a result, a better world.

Do you have any thoughts on the topic? Let me know in the comment section below as I would love to learn more about the subject.

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