How To Manifest Anything You Want | Part. 2

How To Manifest Anything You Want | Part. 2

How to manifest anything you want, part 2.

In part 1 of this manifesting series, I broke down the exact step-by-step process which you can read here and have written many blogs that have enabled us to change our habitual behavior so that we can begin choosing which habits served us and which habits were no longer of use to us. In this blog post, we use the teachings of Abraham; an entity channelled by Ester Hicks but in a simpler format, so that we can begin to understand the power of our emotions, in which, scientifically speaking, shapes the structure of our brain and gain some much-needed clarity before we begin to manifest exactly what we want into our lives.

There are a lot of spiritual teachers and programmes that claim to show us the correct way in which to manifest however they are all missing some very specific information on the topic of our emotions, that is vital to the manifesting process. In this blog post, we will learn:

  • What is my current vibrational frequency
  • How to separate what we want in life vs what we do not want in life
  • What specific emotions help us manifest what we want into our reality
  • How to separate what we truly want in life vs what we do not want in life
  • How often we should think about what we want
  • How to create an undeniable connection to the vibration of what we want and desire

What is my vibrational frequency?

Like most people, we often find ourselves living a life where the majority of what happens to us, what is given to us and what we find/experience, does not match up to what we think we want and this is because of our vibrational frequency;

“Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you.” … Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being.”

Scientific research into the human vibrational frequency showed that we omit between 0.5hz and 10hz and each organ emits a different frequency, however, to avoid making this overly complicated, the easiest way to find out whether you are on a good vs bad vibrational frequency, is to take note of how your life has been thus far. Has it been filled with love, great and successful relationships? Have you been financially secure and stable? Do opportunities come to you? Do you feel safe and protected? Have you been travelling on the path of least resistance? Do you have everything you could ever want or need, currently?

These are important questions to answer on an emotional level, as no doubt you wouldn’t be reading a blog post on manifesting if everything in your life was at ease and or currently feeling fulfilled. If the majority of your answers from the above questions is ‘no‘ then we can begin to look at why this is the case: our current life state, is a direct result of our emotions, what we feel shapes the structure of the brain which you can read about in more detail here, as a result, the brain in our head, translates these emotions into our language, which is why our emotions give words meaning and not the other way around, this can be read in more detail here. That language aka our thoughts/words, directly shape our behaviour and actions which is why it is more important to focus on the emotions than it is to change our thoughts. Nevertheless, each part of this process plays a vital role, if you want to learn more about how to stop thinking negatively, then you will find a clear process on how to do that successfully, here.

How to separate what we want in life vs what we do not want in life

It is easier in some instances to know exactly what we don’t want in life than it is to know what do want, however, so often what we do not want will starts showing up in our lives. Everything from being stuck in traffic, relationships ending badly, losing money, being shafted, everything starting out great but ending badly etc is due to the habitual behavioural patterns of the brain in our head, that is again, shaped by our emotions. Therefore we need to get clear on what it is we do want; write it down on paper specifically and then begin to choose the emotions that feel good, as often as we can. As a result, not only will we through consistency, change our emotions and thoughts but this practice, in turn, will change the physical structure of the brain in our head and our behaviours/actions will be different, hence why we often hear of people saying how important affirmations are but not necessarily for the reasons we may think. Everything when it comes to manifesting must start with ridding ourselves of old habits which again, you can read about in more detail here. Then over time, by choosing good feelings, we will begin to see good opportunities, good experiences, which will feel more natural and easier to achieve consistently, as if we no longer have to think of it consciously anymore. In spirituality this is known as a Paradigm Shift, scientifically, this is called a change in habit.

Once we are clear on what we want, we can move on to the next step in the process that helps us to manifest what we want into our lives.

What specific emotions help us to manifest what we want in life into our reality?

Our responsibility is to feel good and think good things, as often as possible. This does not mean we can never feel sad, or angry or frustrated because that would be unreasonable and unachievable. In fact, it would be extremely unhealthy to dismiss what we deem ‘negative‘ emotions as they too provide us with emotional balance and are vital tools that help us stay safe when needed or release pent-up emotions. However, when it comes to manifesting what we want or desire into our physical reality, all we have to do is to actively choose what emotions make us feel good, as many times as possible throughout the day, in order to bring to us what we want.


I would like to manifest 250,000 Euros and I have gotten clear on that amount of money by writing it down and all the many ways in which I would spend that money. In order to manifest that money into my reality, all I have to do is focus on feeling good, actively chose memories that bring up good feelings and ‘good‘ feelings are anything that makes me feel strong, happy, joyful, loved, appreciated etc. I do not have to walk around every day repeating ‘I would like 250,000 Euros‘ because my inner being, already knows this is what I would like to have in my life, as explained in the previous process. Therefore, I will use my memory to think of situations or experiences, that evoke ‘good‘ feelings, and I know what feelings, feel good because they make me happy, joyful, active, focussed, loved etc. Specifically, I would think back to a time where I received an unexpected tax refund or an email alerting me to 10,000 Euros being transferred into my bank account or a time where my bank alerted me to a bank account I had since childhood, that I completely forgot about that now had 300 Euros in it. I will choose to focus on how that felt to receive this news and not attempt to attach an emotion to 250,000 Euros.

If you are further along your mindfulness journey and are able to evoke these good emotions without the memories, then, by all means, do so because this will create a stronger vibrational pull to what you want to manifest.

Remember that anything you want to manifest is achievable, as long as you chose the good emotions over what makes you feel bad and that will attract the good things; events, circumstances or what you specifically want into your life. Everything is about maintaining a good vibrational frequency and these good emotions will put us on the exact vibrational match of what we want. Hence the popular term Laws of Attraction; like attracts like; you can not expect to punch someone in the face and then to receive a cuddle in return. The exact same theory is applicable to our emotions. If life is not what you want it to be right now, then it is clear you are thinking more negatively than you are positive. Again, there really is not good vs bad as they are both vital, nevertheless, this at least gives us an understanding of how we differentiate the two and begin choosing what feels good to us. As a result of feeling good, we will attract good things. This is not just spiritually correct but scientifically correct.

How often should we think about what we want?

There is much confusion over this question with many people on YouTube and some spiritual teachers claiming that repeating what we want in our minds, is how we bring what we want into our reality, however, through my own research and experience, this is not the case. We do not want to create the emotion of hope because hoping for something to happen, means that there is doubt and fear that we will get the result that we want. We also, do not want to generate the feeling of impatience nor get deterred from feeling good because we become frustrated by repetition. Instead, we understand that our inner being, God/Source/Higher Power, whichever term feels more comfortable to you, already knows exactly what we want, not only because we have written it down and become clear on our wants and desires but because we are actively choosing to feel good which means we want good things to come to us. Therefore, we do not need to go about our daily lives, constantly reciting what we want to happen because that would emit a feeling of ‘want’ which, due to laws of attraction/our vibrational frequency, attracts a constant state of ‘wanting’ rather than receiving. If it makes you feel good to think of what you want constantly, then do so because it is those good emotions that are integral here. If you want to think of how it would feel to have what you want then do so; feel and think about everything that makes you feel good whether that includes the specifics of what you want to manifest or not. The choice is yours and every person is different.

How to create an undeniable connection to the vibration of what we want and desire

Ultimately, in order to manifest what we want into our reality, the focus should be to create an undeniable connection to what makes us feel good. The goal is to align ourselves with the vibrational frequency that provides us with what we want, this does not mean that we have to know the exact vibrational frequency in Hz for what we want i.e money, a person, a vacation but rather, understand that any emotion that feels good to us, is in fact, a direct match of that good vibrational frequency we are trying to align with, already. If we were to use our memories, to evoke good feelings, any memory you can think of that makes us feel good emotionally, more times a day than we feel bad, then over time, we shall begin to manifest good things. With practice, not only will we begin to change how we feel with ease and deepen our self-awareness but keep what Abraham Hicks describes as, the ‘circuit’ of good feelings, continuous and open. Bad emotions, or emotions that make us feel sad or lonely or hurt etc, breaks the circuit of good emotions. It would be like a train veering off its tracks but expecting the journey to continue on and be safe. For further reading on manifesting, you can read my other blog post here.

What to remember:

We want to open ourselves up to a state of receiving and we can only do this by continuously feeling good. However, this is a balancing act for fear, anger, sadness etc are helpful tools that allow us to act accordingly, get us to safety or need releasing altogether, so the goal is not to dismiss or ignore what we deem ‘bad emotions’ but to allow them to surface when applicable and then chose to feel good thereafter, thus, resulting in manifesting exactly what we want, consistently. Our duty is to feel and think good things, good emotions as consistently as possible and the speed in which we receive what we want is directly impacted by how long we continue to feel good.


How are you finding this manifesting process? Let me know your experiences below in the comments section and remember to share this with others if you found it helpful. For daily tips and motivation, follow me on Instagram, it’s all in the captions! 

Sending you all love and light,


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