Manifest your desires using Emotional Intelligence and the Conscious Mind

A detailed and unique guide on how to manifest what you desire by utilising emotional intelligence, the conscious mind and meditation.

There are many ways to manifest that which we desire and how we do that, relies on our ability to organise the conscious mind, our level of emotional intelligence and meditation technique.

Long before I became a therapist, I discovered the art of mindfulness whilst desperately seeking an alternative way of living. After many years of dedicating myself to the daily practice of meditation, reading countless books, studying religion and spiritual based practices, I learned how significant the conscious mind can be and its powerful role in manifesting that which we want.

I have collated all of the various techniques and information I have learned over the years and created a clear-cut method that takes patience and venturing within so that you can start manifesting that which you want into your life.

The process of manifestation:

  • Use your mind consciously
  • Organise your mind as you would your closet or workspace.
  • Once the mind is organised, the way you think and feel will align and your emotions will reflect that which you think.
  • Once your emotions and thoughts are organised, your energies will align in the same direction.
  • Meditate; creating an open space, free from resistance.
  • Set an intention; one at a time.
  • Feel as if you already have that which you desire or wish for in the present moment.
  • Release that desire or wish back to the universe.
  • Ask spirit, God, the universe or your higher self, to guide your actions and acknowledge the messages.
  • Follow that guidance and act on it until what you want has manifested.

Lets take a look at each section and investigate this process in more detail.

What does it mean to use your mind consciously?

Without getting into too much detail, I want you to seperate your mind into three sections:

  • the conscious mind,
  • the preconscious mind, and
  • the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is what you are aware of; external and internal sensations, your perceived reality, current thoughts, your current awareness of self and the external world which causes an emotional reaction.

The preconscious mind is what you know and are aware of on a deeper level but does not interfere with your conscious abilities unless you want it to.

The subconscious mind is a sort of back-up hard drive that stores all of your habitual behaviours, memories, experiences, thoughts and beliefs obtained throughout your life.

In order to organise the conscious mind, we first need to become familiar with its territory, thus, guiding us towards how we begin controlling its behaviour.

To use your mind consciously, we want to spend some time, observing what the mind is doing as if it were separate from us; what is it thinking, what conclusions is it drawing from our surroundings, and how it is making you feel?

We do this by practising the art of mindfulness; the goal is to train the mind to be responsive to our wants and needs. For example, in auto-pilot mode as I call it, the mind is out of control. It does, think and regurgitates whatever it wants, when it wants, because it is used to doing so without any interference from self.

A part of living mindfully involves training the mind to be responsive to the self, meaning, it is calm, resting and awaiting instructions when we chose to use it.

What I have found useful, is to find out what state your mind is currently in, by observing each thought that pops up into your mind and then imagin those thoughts floating out into the world. Continue this process until you have a clear space within the mind, with no interruptions. Don’t worry, this takes daily practice.

Once we have organised our conscious mind, our emotional reactions will become a choice which in turn become emotional responses.

Remember, thoughts are tied to emotions and those emotions influence your behaviours.

How we emotionally respond to our surroundings, our thoughts and or our perceived reality, is now a choice.

Practice choosing your emotions by thinking of a particular memory and begin asking yourself how do I want to feel about this? How do I want to emotionally respond to what is happening in this present moment?

Now that we have begun organising our conscious mind, we will begin to use that skill with purpose in order to create; money, a better job, a relationship and so on and so forth. By choosing good thoughts, we will provoke feel-good emotions.

Manifest through meditation:

Meditating allows us to relax the body and create a clear headspace without resistance or interference from our external reality.

There are several ways you can use meditation in order to manifest that which you want, but for the sake of this post, I am going to include the two most basic techniques. The goal is to get your body and mind into a state in which it believes what you desire is happening, or that you already have it. Like attracts like in accordance to the laws of aatraction, therefore, if we get into the same vibrational space as what you desire, we will attract it and the route to having it in yourreality.

Assuming you are relaxed and in a meditative state; mind clear of thoughts, body relaxed and spine errect, I want you to get clear on your intention.

What do you want to create in your life?

For now, chose just one thing you desire.

Imagine, a sphere of white light, entering into your crown charka; located at the very top of your head. Allow this light to enter into your mind, covering every part in a white, radiant light and feel it move throughout your entire body, into every finger, toe, organ and bone.

Feel, sense and see the colour of this light in your body.

Now increase the width of the light coming in through your crown chakra; imagine it expanding, causing a rush of light in to your body.

Imagine this light is now pouring out of your heart chakra, located in the center of your sternum. Project this white light, out from your chest and send it into your environment.

Allow any and all sensations or noises to deepen your experience as if it where related to the white light.

Treat this light as a source of pure, positive energy that you are allowing to shine through your body and pour into the world around you, including those you love and those you dislike. Send everyone and everything this positive, white light.

Clear your mind, once you feel able to and focus on what you want to manifest. Once you have that clear in your mind, use your emotions to attach a happy, loving feeling to that which you want. Feel as if you already have that which you desire to the point where you can touch it, smell it, and feel into what you have created.

Realise that the law of attraction has been activated in this present moment. Right at this moment, whatever you want is yours, you have it. No hoping, no wishing, it already is a part of your reality.

Feel the joy of having that which you want. Feel the joy it brings others, just by you having what you desire.

Now, when you feel ready, release that into your reality, imagine what you desire, leaving your mind’s eye – located in between your eyebrows – out into the universe covered in that pure white light.

Repeat this statement to end your meditation:

That which I seek is seeking me. I let go of how it will come to me and focus on it already being. my higher self knows that which I want and how to make it happen, so I can relax and let go. Everything that I desire is harmoniously and lovingly drawn to me. I accept this or something better. I am receptive, happy and grateful. And so it is.

Then ask the following question:

What is the next thing I should do or what action should I take to bring me to my desire?

Throughout the day, repeat that question and take immediate action. You will know if it is the right answer because your mind will only be responsive to what you ask of it.

Trust that you are being guided and take action immediately or when appropriate and safe for you to do so. Know that even the smallest step will be connected to your desire.

When we focus on the end result and not on how we get there, we will be guided effortlessly on the path of least resistance, which includes meeting the right people at the exact right time, situations, and places that bring you to what you want or even better than immagined.

There are no shortages of opportunities or chances. Nothing is being withheld from you. Your only responsibility is to stay open to attracting that which you desire at every moment of your life, staying clear of doubt, fear and lack of enthusiasm.

Remember, it is key to completely immerse yourself in this path. If you want to manifest something, you must truly believe you have it, deserve it and continue to be open to receiving all that you vibrationally match with that is loving and good.


  • Organise your conscious mind.
  • Meditate.
  • Get clear on what you what.
  • Ask for what you want, feel it, sense it in every way as if you already have manifested it into the present moment.
  • Take action from your inner guidance.
  • Trust the process, opportunities and what you are being drawn to do.
  • Acknowledge what is being sent to you along the way, however small.
  • Increase your vibration through positive thoughts that provoke positive feelings and cause positive actions.
  • Clear all resistance to that which you desire.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it creates a clearer guide on how to manafest that which you want using the conscious mind.

Let me know how you get on in the comment section bellow or join the discussion on social media listed in the footer.

Sending you all love and light,



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