How To Manifest 101| The Difference Between Fate & Freedom of Choice

How To Manifest 101| The Difference Between Fate & Freedom of Choice

“Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience.” 
― Anthon St. Maarten

The idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience can be at first, difficult to accept. With time and experience through meditation and mindfulness, you will soon understand this to be true and as a result, rather than living in fear of what may happen outwith your control, or remain anxious, uncomfortable about your past, it allows you to access the control you have over your life in the present moment which affects your future.

Soul Purpose & Freedom of Choice

There is a distinct difference between fate and freedom of choice. I am of the belief that our lives will feel whole, once our soul mission is complete. There is no ending to your existence in terms of your soul, only the physical body that you are currently using to have this experience. Therefore, the only other choice we have is what route we take in order to meet our predetermined fate.

“Every fleet of ships that sails has a mothership; one ship that knows where all of them are going and sets the direction for all of those ships to sail. This doesn’t mean that the mothership determines what happens on each of the other ships in the fleet. Life on one of the ships might be mostly pleasant. On yet another ship, it might be mostly unpleasant. Now imagine the mothership is the biggest ship you can imagine, it’s a city afloat, magnificent. Now imagine that the rest of the ships aren’t really ships, but they’re little boats. The mothership is your soul and you are one of the little boats. The mothership knows why you are in the water. You may not know all of the time. The mothership knows why you encounter storms. Your job, while you have the awesome privilege of being a little boat, is to learn how to learn how to sail in the same direction as your mothership. Because you can choose and create anything you want, you can sail in the opposite direction, if you want. That is a sure way to find rough water. But as you sail in the direction that your mothership wants to sail; your life fills with meaning, and purpose, and love. You are excited about being alive. You are excited about the people that you’re with and what you are doing. Meaning is your inner compass that always aligns itself with the direction that your mothership wants to go. As you follow your inner sense of meaning, you are sailing in the same direction your mothership wants to sail.” –Gary Zukav

The freedom of choice we have been given is not necessarily regarding decisions we make externally in our lifetime, for example, this is much more than deciding what we have for breakfast or whether to file for a divorce. The freedom of choice has always been the connection we have with our soul and how we manifest our desires and livelihoods – how we wish to live in on this earth, whether that be miserably or abundantly – this is about what emotions and what thoughts we choose to access on a daily basis or in the present moment, that serves our own spiritual journey and our well-being.

How To Manifest Effectively

Manifesting works with consistency. Feelings and thoughts must align with our soul purpose because that directly matches our fate. In order to travel on a less troubling road, or as Gary Zukav describes it, smooth waters, we must maintain that connection internally with Source/God in order to have a wonderful, abundant experience in the physical form, only because that serves our best interest. How we start to access these options within us, is by maintaining a state of gratitude, despite our surroundings. The senses can be deceiving if the brain is on ‘auto-pilot mode’ as I often refer it too before a person has become mindful of what they think, speak, feel and look for every day. If we continue to go within, and take up the habit of thankfulness and create the feelings of thankfulness and align that with our verbal communication, then our behaviours will concurrently begin to align with those feelings and as a result, our experience shall be most fulfilling and wonderful.

Understand that we have been taught that life is hard, which is why people often question what our purpose is here on earth – what is the point of all of this? – and yet, it has never been our duty to see the bigger picture; our only true responsibility in life is to follow our inner guidance as we are lead through many stages of life, gaining experience and lessons that the soul needs you to take on board before you pass on from the physical world. Meditation and going within shall also lead you to your soul purpose and as a result, your senses will become more in tune with things out with you, that match you to your own path.

Manifesting abundance and great health and joy and a wonderful love life starts from within only. If you want to create change out with you then you must first change what you think and feel within you; this article here goes more in depth. That is easier said than done but it is far less difficult than the current state of life that implies we are born to work, pay bills and then die. Again, time is man made, all we have is the present moment and right now you are choosing to read this blog post. If you are longing to make improvements in your life by manifesting a better job, a happier life, or financial freedom then you have the power to do that. Undoubtedly so. Continue to practice meditation, develop your imagination, develop control of your emotions and everything else will be taken care of.

How To Use Our Imagination To Manifest

Manifesting is also driven by your imagination. Ever heard of faking it until you make it like most of my Interviews with business owners include? Your imagination is a gift that as far as we are aware, humans are the only species to have access to. It is encouraged when we are children and somehow forgotten as we age. Imagination allows you to paint a vivid picture either through your words or images, within your mind that you can create alone. In imagining the perfect scenario or circumstance, for long enough and regularly enough, by matching the feelings associated with what you envisage, then talking about it, it will be brought into existence if it serves your own well being and soul purpose.

If what you are imagining is not coming to fruition, then it has either not been of service to your life purpose or is not the right timing. Never forget that not getting what you wish for can be a brilliant stroke of luck. The greatness of our minds and connection to Source/God is that you will not feel disappointed, instead, you will choose emotions of gratitude because you will also acknowledge the abundance emotionally you have been feeling which will attract and create a fulfilling experience, filled with love regardless, your shift in perspective all of this will give you, will allow you to feel grateful even in times where you do not understand why something has hapened, because you will truly understand it happened for a reason that ultimately serves your journey and experience.

Manifesting what you want in life, has to be consistent and also in line with what you truly want and think about subconsciously. In order to make sure that the entirety of your mind is in alignment with your imagination, wants, needs and feelings is by actively feeding it with information, visuals, actions and behaviours, that match your vision – known as neuroplasticity – that practised consistently enough, shall change the structure of your brain. What you reap you shall sow – what you feed your mind will remain there, choose wisely and make sure what you are reading, viewing and experiencing, matches up to your hopes and desires in life.  When you ask for what you want, make sure you have put in the time to be mindful of ridding yourself of thoughts, behaviours and feelings that no longer serve the life you have imagined for yourself, first.

Whether that be by writing out what you want, drawing what you want, listening and watching various talks from people who have achieved the life you want, shall contribute greatly to manifesting those desires into physical existence. It is not enough to sit there and think about a diamond necklace without imagining how you feel and what you would think and or do after receiving that necklace.

Mind-body Connection

The mind-body connection is the key to living a wonderful life, so do not deny yourself the opportunity to live as well as you wish because of naysayers and your current surroundings or circumstances. It is vital that regardless of your religious beliefs, you understand that you are constantly being guided and mentored by a higher power; you are valued, you are necessary to this world and you are deserving of these internal gifts.

Access them, use them wisely to serve yourself and others, lean into happiness, love and lead with compassion. Use your imagination, choose your feelings wisely, reaffirm to yourself that you are deserving of having everything you desire and when you believe this to be true, so will others and so it shall be given from Source/God.


Have you been trying to manifest what you want into your life? Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this and let’s help others in the discussion.

Sending love and light.


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