Manifesting Guide: Laws of Attraction Process | Paradigm Shifts | Emotions

Manifesting Guide: Laws of Attraction Process | Paradigm Shifts | Emotions

Manifesting Guide: How to create the exact process of manifesting using the Laws of Attraction, our emotions and changing our habitual behavior.

There are several websites out there offering a manifesting guide, however, it can quickly become overwhelming when figuring out the exact manifesting process and decifering the spiritual language.

I have been studying some of the great spiritual teachers of our lifetime, from Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra to Abraham Hicks that show us the route to spiritual enlightenment and enable us to tap into our inherent gifts. They all have a unique way of teaching this but differ in their techniques, so over the past two years I have eveloped this process, that is easy for me to follow and understand, which produced the results I wanted.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting from a spiritual aspect is turning what we feel and think about into something tangible and real. Scientifically, manifesting is changing the habitual behaviour that resulted in unfavourable results, by un-learning that pattern, then we learn a new pattern through repetition, that gives us the results we want in our reality. Exactly the same thing, just different terminology.

Why is it easier for some to manifest what they want and yet others find it so difficult?

Every person is unique when it comes to what has shaped their actions, thoughts and behaviours. I have gone into this in detail here, nevertheless, we must first understand that before we manifest anything, before we enter into a new relationship, get another job, go off wondering the world in search for ourselves, we need to take a good look in the mirror. All of our thoughts, actions, and behaviours stem from our emotions. The reason why many gurus and spiritual teachers tell us to listen to guided meditations, repeat affirmations for at least 21 days is that scientifically speaking, it takes the average person between 21-26 days to change the physical structure of the mind, in short, repetition is believed to change a habit or pattern. A habit is also referred to as a paradigm shift:

Definition of paradigm shift


: an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way 

  • This discovery will bring about a paradigm shift in our understanding of evolution.


What we have to understand about the mind, to begin manifesting correctly and generate real results:

Thoughts: our thoughts are just regurgitated words, opinions and sentences that we have learned throughout our lives; including what we have overheard, been taught by our peers, parents, guardians and teachers. You name it, whatever we have heard, is stored in our minds. What does this mean? We cannot trust our own mind until we understand and learn the distinct difference between thoughts and thinking, live consciously so that we can turn our minds on and off where appropriate.

Emotions: our emotions shape the structure of our brains, physically, which is referred to as neuroplasticity. Ever heard the phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’? Yeah, that notion has been rendered useless since the 1970s thanks to psychiatric research that allowed neuroscientists to come into existence as a result of their findings on the three brains: The Mind, The Heart and The Gut. A habit or a paradigm shift is created either subconsciously (without thinking) or consciously (self-awareness) when the emotions behind the words are believed enough, and used repeatedly enough, which will start changing the physical structure of our minds. As a result, we are now able to consciously, learn anything we choose from new skills, habits, to language etc and more importantly, un-learn skills, ways of thinking, habits etc which mean we can pick and chose what does not serve the life we want to live, and what does.  The difficulty level is based on how many habits, whether they serve us for the good or not, need to be un-learned which is integral to our abilities in not only changing our lives but breaking bad habits and manifesting.

Action: our thoughts and emotions dictate our actions and behaviours, therefore, in order to change our actions and behaviours which are a choice subconsciously or not, we have to make sure that we are aware of the emotion behind our words and our thoughts which you can read about in more detail here. There may be a dictionary definition of each word that we are aware of in theory but it is the emotional association we have attached to each word that dictates the true meaning. For in-depth examples, please read the following blog post.


How do we manifest what we want?

Firstly, we start with the obvious: ourselves. We spend time writing down what results we have achieved thus far that we liked, and pinpoint how we were feeling, what we were thinking and how we were behaving at the time and visa versa for the ‘bad’ outcomes in our lives. How do we do this? ‘Ask and thou shalt receive‘; we start by using our mind more effectively, this is a conscious decision, we are taking our minds off of ‘auto-pilot’ mode and getting into the practice or habit of mindfulness which is a fancy word for self-awareness; creating a mind-body connection. We return to silence, through our breath, and ask ourselves the question we need the answer to. Our mind and body are not two separate entities, nor does the mind solely dictate what the rest of our body is doing. We have to get clear on this. When we are living solely in the brain which is the real cause of our current state of being, we can begin separating our magnificent minds from the rest of our inherent tools such as intuition and living through the heart. As a result, we will begin to access the ability, to choose the emotions we want, that shape our thoughts, that then shape our minds, that then creates the habit. It is a process.

If you think you are trying different things and getting the same result and for the sake of this explanation, let’s assume it is a negative result, then you haven’t changed anything of importance yet. We must always, start with our emotions. Anxiousness, fear, means we are thinking about the future and time is man-made, therefore we are choosing emotions that are creating a habit in the present moment, that will make sure in the future, reasons to be fearful and anxious will happen. If we are feeling depressed or sad, we are thinking about the past which are emotions that will guarantee a feeling of depression and sadness in the future. Feeling depressed and or sad is mourning the loss of something which is ruining your chances of gaining anything good or generating something better in the future.

The only ‘time’ we truly have is the present moment; that is a fact. Set alarms for school, exams, work, events etc and ditch the watch. The present moment is what dictates future present moments, in laymen’s terms. Soon you will begin to understand that you have no clue whether you will be around tomorrow or not and therefore everything that does not serve the now, is completely irrelevant to your life. Remember and I always say this, pain and fear are useful tools built into the body but suffering on top of them is always optional.

Here is the step-by-step process of manifesting what we want:

  1. Write down your patterns of behaviour which are habits both good and bad
  2. Find the root emotion attached to each of these behaviours both good and bad
  3. Un-learn what habits no longer serve the ‘new you’ or ‘goals’ in life
  4. Create self-awareness; live mindfully so that you are living consciously and not subconsciously like before
  5. Stop living solely in your mind; then we can begin to think, learn and be creative through our imagination when it serves us and not allow our minds to run rampent and dictate our mood, tone and results for the day which we do through our breath; the mind cannot think when we are focussed on our breath, through this practice of silence aka shutting up the mind, we can become aware of how we feel, we can then chose a memory that evokes the emotion we want to feel, so that we can begin feeling that emotion.
  6. We chose clarity: get clear on the results you want, THEN, live in the emotion that result will feel like, in the here and now. For example: how will 5,000 in the bank feel? How will a happy marriage feel? How will having respect feel? How will love feel? How will great relationships feel? It is irrelevant whether you have experienced the above examples before or not, you know they will feel great so the point is, start feeling great in the now, start walking around feeling great, now!
  7. Get specific: as clear as you are on your emotions, is as clear as you need to be on what you want. For example; if you want to manifest money into your life, get clear on the amount but ignore your minds need to figure out how you get that money and the ways it can come to you; they are irrelevant, it’s none of your business. Focus on the emotion, not of the 5000 but what it will mean emotionally to have that 5000 or whatever you want to manifest into your life.


I hope this helps, it is work, but only at the beginning when you are un-learning what no longer serves you. There is a more detailed version on my YouTube channel for those wanting an indepth explination.

In the meantime, for more clarity on habits and scientific research that will help you throughout this process, spend some time on this website where you will find all the relevent blog posts.

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