Megan Mcinerney Blogger & Model | Tips For Creating and Living An Authentic Life

Megan Mcinerney Blogger & Model | Tips For Creating and Living An Authentic Life

Interview with Megan Mcinerney Blogger & Model | Tips For Creating and Living An Authentic Life

Megan Mcinerney

NYC Model & Blogger



What inspired you to start a blog? 

I started Neversleepwithmakeup 6 years ago as an outlet for full-time expression. This visual journal held me accountable for things I said and believed in. I realize I knew more the younger I was. Experience only clouded my judgement. When I look back it reminds me of who I am, and it clicks me back.

How did you come up with your idea or concept for your blog?

Neversleepwithmakeup has a double meaning but the obvious is, it was my only rule to women; besides being kind to one another.

What was the mission of your blog from the outset?

My mission was and still is, to have a voice. This world wants to shut up women but in order to be individuals we must speak up. I personally need a creative outlet. First of all… I must express.

Do you have any advice for other people starting a blog?

Experiment until you find your voice… then scream from the rooftops. Don’t let anyone or anything derail you from your dreams and passions.

What are your future plans if any?

I want to get even bolder with living my truth, finding my tribe, and not let fear hold me back from trying.

Who inspires you to speak your truth?

My parents’ unwavering love gives me the strength to be myself. The big O… Oprah for President! Any woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t apologize for it. Girlfriends; thank the moon and stars for them (especially the ones that stand in the mud with you.)

To what do you owe your success to in your work life and in your personal life? 

My definition of success is defined by living with freedom, being present, and living my truth. It took A LOT of “sleepwalking” and doing the “wrong things” to discover what felt right.

What is it you love about writing and social media platforms?

With writing, I love that you are giving yourself over literally. You are creating. Taking words and thoughts stringing them together and you could inspire or connect.

Social media is amazing. I can share a photo and get a friend miles away to have a quick laugh. There is a new conversation happening.  Not “hey, tell me your life story” but through sharing what you find interesting or entertaining we are getting to know each other. Today we need layers; small talk isn’t interesting anymore. It’s a gift to peak into someone else’s life. Everyone has different makeup so it gives wonderful ideas and views I never saw before, in such a personal way.

Are there any downsides to blogging and social media from your experience?

When the negative voices come in… “No one cares what you have say.” I once got a private message from a creep saying he wanted to lick my toes for $300.

What has been the biggest lesson for you?

One lesson I am trying to learn is, not to beat up on myself for decisions I have made. No one knows the bigger picture or if a failure was just setting you in a different direction. Of course, I have regrets but learning the lessons and moving on.

What inspires the thoughts behind your beautiful photographs?

A dance between wanting to be seen and the thirsty need to create. I love seeing beautiful things, beauty not just visually. But my favourite is when you feel ‘beauty’.

You look absolutely beautiful in your pictures, since becoming a model, have you ever turned down a modelling gig?

Yes, I turned down pursuing modelling full time for a Brand ambassador role with Judith Ripka. To be honest, it was a fear-based decision. I wanted security. Modelling was my dream, but I questioned myself. None the less I ended up modelling at a job after Judith Ripka which came about because of Judith Ripka. So once again big picture stuff, we never know.

Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself?

The picture above, taken by Sean Hunter; a very close friend. It was a magical day and I feel the presence of something bigger than myself in it.

What made you choose to study for a Bachelor of Science degree?

It had less Spanish than BA. Plus I wanted to say BS for short because I was full of it. In college, all I cared about was having the best fashion, looking the skinniest, and loving my super-hot college sweetheart.

Do you help with the community or are you involved with any charities? 

Yes, my best friend and I mentor a middle schooler named Kayla. I also feed the homeless. I make sure to do be kind to everyone, and do nice things when no one is watching.

Has there been anything you have read, experienced, written or been a part of that has changed your life or perspective, and why?

Super Soul Sundays! I know you hear that one girl. It opened my eyes to a new belief system and right away I felt home. Also “The Alchemist”, and “The Wait”. Authors David R. Hawkins, Glennon Doyle Melton, and Eckhart Tolle

Is there any advice you wish to impart to our readers?

We need to be open and honest with ourselves and with other women. I wear my scars front and centre and I wouldn’t be the women I am without them. Dr Brene Brown (from Super Soul Sunday) says it best;

“ Shame cannot survive being spoken,” Brown says. “It cannot survive empathy.”

I hope you enjoyed this interview, please share, like and comment where applicable, we would all love to hear your thoughts and questions.

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