Our Three Brains | The Impact Our Heart & Gut Have On Our Mental Health | Route To Curing Mental Health Illnesses |  #1

Our Three Brains | The Impact Our Heart & …

I have been researching many different cultures, belief systems and deemed myths regarding the cause and effect mental health issues have on our bodies long term and comparing them to scientific research for a while now. 

Since my first diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Depression back in 2015, It has become all the more apparent that both medical professionals and therapists and psychologists actually have little to no answers as to how we actually cure these illnesses. From experience, it seems to be more about learning to cope with the side-effects if you will, rather than riding ourselves of these sufferings/symptoms, and for me, that is simply not good enough. 

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