The Power of Words | Understanding Money, Success & Failure

The Power of Words | Understanding Money, Success & Failure

Why Our Belief In Failure Is Stronger Than Our Belief In God – Frances Morris

“You see, Doctor, God didn’t kill that little girl. Fate didn’t butcher her and destiny didn’t feed her to those dogs. If God saw what any of us did that night he didn’t seem to mind. From then on I knew… God doesn’t make the world this way. We do.”

– Alan Moore

Failure is such a nasty word don’t you think? It has become a sort of tool, used in order to make people believe that they have run out of chances in life; to declare victory in the battle of self-importance and made external achievement worthy of our time. Why do we believe so strongly in what we are told by others? Is it from our perspective of failure, the winners must know something we do not? Have we forgotten why we were created? Do we prize mans word over Gods or Source? I ask because I am finding it difficult to understand how could we possibly believe that we are limited by circumstance, that we are unworthy of joy and love and yet, still believe in God or Source? Those beliefs cannot coexist for then the biblical or spiritual word would be rendered meaningless and false.

So much of what contributes to our success in life is hindered by our lack of understanding as to who we are and how we learn information and that has nothing to do with bad teachers, underfunded schools, poverty or location but everything to do with our self-worth that shapes our behaviours. And we have built barriers and walls and obstructions, that prevent us from achieving equality in this world through stories and class systems and religion; we designed it that way, out of fear of where we came from and what it would mean if everyone was of importance to this world.

I look upon those perceived winners in two ways; they have either sacrificed so much in order to win, that they keep us from competing in order to save us from the pain or their entire self-worth is reliant upon their position in life. Either way, we have all lost something of great importance and for what?

We desire money because we have made it a necessity in order to live, to thrive. We believe happiness will arrive after we have nothing to worry about and in sacrificing a part of ourselves in order to live an abundant life is a small price to pay. The question I have is, do you really believe that to be true?

“Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.”

– Colin Powell

As a result of this hierarchy, to have we enabled others the bearers of fault through our believed inadequacy.  We find it unfathomable to accept this notion of responsibility, because we have handed over our hopes and our dreams and hunger for change, to those we put in charge. Therefore, the true change we need is never going to come from future generations but from ourselves who are here, now, contributing to action or silence to this current attitude.

We have forgotten that we were not born speaking this language, understanding time, or feeling insecure. These are man-made creations. Therefore it is my understanding, that in order to change the circumstances, create a level playing field, destroy what separates us, we have to return to that early stage of life when we looked upon the world in wonderment, curiosity; a time when we understood that we truly exist. And as romantic as that may sound, in order to achieve that mountainous task, leaders would have to accept responsibility, along with the storytellers and the poets and the preachers, and the entire human race. We would have to go within, learn to operate from a state of compassion, learn our purpose from not what is written in books or taught to us through myths but from what lies in the silence within us. There is where we find the route home, to safety, to purpose, to success.

The truth is, we have always had the choice; we are capable of being both the hero and the villain in our lifetime and we can never escape that responsibility. We shall no doubt become answerable to the state in which we leave this world; we have a duty to try, to create, to love, to prosper and we must understand that everything begins and ends with our behaviours and in the belief of our innate power and if that does not defeat this notion of failure then I don’t know what will.

The Quote That Inspired This Blog

“Miracles. Events with astronomical odds of occurring, like oxygen turning into gold. I’ve longed to witness such an event, and yet I neglect that in human coupling, millions upon millions of cells compete to create life, for generation after generation until, finally, your mother loves a man, Edward Blake, the Comedian, a man she has every reason to hate, and out of that contradiction, against unfathomable odds, it’s you – only you – that emerged. To distil so specific a form, from all that chaos. It’s like turning air into gold. A miracle. And so… I was wrong. Now dry your eyes, and let’s go home.”

– Alan Moore

This is what caused my desire to change everything about my life and why I started this blog. I believe in the good of people, that we are in full control of the current state of affairs, that we can create change. We have allowed others to dictate who we are, how we should look and what our purpose is for too long. I want to empower people, especially those that feel inadequate. I want to remind everyone that they are so much more than just a number, that their existence is integral and needed in this world because I too had forgotten that for a while, and I remember how it felt to not do the right thing and not to believe in myself and not pay attention to what was important.

What changes are you making within yourself that is in alignment with your inherited power? 

Sending you all love and light.


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