The Art of Reiki: Energy Healing with Spirit Science

Aaron Fehr from Spirit Science discusses the Art of Reiki; from it's Japanese Origins to the profound energy healing benefits, this practice provides. world of frances

The Art of Reiki: Energy Healing with Spirit Science

For those who have a daily, meditative practice, you may be familiar with Reiki energy healing that enables us to begin releasing and healing, past emotional wounds that may be hindering our spiritual growth. However, for those who are new to this practice, arranging a session with a Reiki healer may be of interest to those needing external guidance and support as many of us in this day and age, internalise our emotions – both consciously and subconsciously.

I was personally, not entirely sure of what a Reiki session entailed, which prompted me to investigate the Art of Reiki – a pseudoscience – more thoroughly with the help of my dear friend and mentor Aaron Fehr; CEO of Spirit Science who has continued to aid my spiritual journey and has allowed me to share? his insight into this age-old practice in our unique conversation below.

Spirit Science effortlessly combines spirituality with scientific research with the view to elevating the consciousness of those who find them. With unique, thought-provoking animated ‘movies’ on their YouTube channel – which drew me to them back in 2013 – they too provide a resourceful website, packed to the brim with inspiring articles, spiritual guides and in-depth resources for those who wish to educate themselves on this transformative, spiritual journey.

Aaron Fehr from Spirit Science discusses the Art of Reiki; from it's Japanese Origins to the profound energy healing benefits, this practice provides. world of frances

The Art of Reiki & Origins:

Reiki (霊気, /ˈrk/) is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui.[1][2] Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Reiki is a pseudoscience.[1][3] It is based on qi (“chi”), which practitioners say is a universal life force, although there is no empirical evidence that such a life force exists.[4][5] Clinical research has not shown reiki to be effective as a treatment for any medical condition.[4] There has been no proof of the effectiveness of Reiki therapy compared to placebo. An overview of reiki investigations found that studies reporting positive effects had methodological flaws. The American Cancer Society stated that Reiki should not replace conventional cancer treatment,[6] a sentiment echoed by Cancer Research UK[7] and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. – Wikipedia Definition

Spirit Science has many articles on the subject of Reiki; two of which have been of particular interest, given my research into the Reiki practice and its origins. The first being Reiki and the Pranic Breath? detailing the three pillars of Reiki and it’s prowess. The second, more notably for those interested in partaking in Reiki sessions, the 5 Wonderful Reiki Benefits You Can Experience After One Treatment, particularizing the journey of healing and the power of dismantling energy blocks.

Aaron Fehr from Spirit Science discusses the Art of Reiki; from it's Japanese Origins to the profound energy healing benefits, this practice provides. world of frances

Below, is the conversation between myself and Aaron on the topic of Reiki and its benefits. Enjoy!

Reiki with Aaron Fehr of Spirit Science:

Question: It is my current understanding that Reiki is a healing technique in which the healer channels energy into the patient either through touch or other means, with the view to restoring their physical and emotional state.? However, for me, I get the impression that being simply defined as a healer, undermines the importance of what they do in this instance. Is a Reiki healer, not more of an ‘energy or soul alchemist’; a person who can shift the emotions of others in order to align them with their inner, natural state? Or, is that an entirely different practice?? 

Aaron Fehr: Well the first thing I would touch on here is that Reiki can be practised on many levels, and experienced on many levels. Each practitioner will have their own unique understanding of how their personal energy flows within them, but to me, the label of ‘healer’ versus any other title is just a reflection of what the individual may be expecting from the practice or a reflection of their current understanding of it. Reiki is largely based on concentrated intentions, so the specific intention of the healer has a great impact on the recipients experience, some may intend for general healing and well being on the physical level, while others may intend to go much deeper than that and work to heal soul traumas, Reiki encompasses all of this. For me personally, I always align my intention with that of what the recipient is seeking, or to remove what might be in their way, so if they want deep soul level work, that’s where we go, if they want to feel relaxed and release some stress, I can make that happen too!

Question: I personally feel I am on a journey to shed what has distorted my natural born state, that as a result, has shaped my decisions, behaviours, and overall state of well-being and the more I progress and learn on this journey, the more I understand the importance, no, need for an emotional education. As I often express on my blog and Instagram posts, I have found that we very much learn emotionally as children as supposed to verbally or intellectually and that shapes how we respond, communicate, develop relationships and so on and so forth, in our adult life – least of all, it actually dictates our future successes and failures in all areas. Do you think Reiki healing, is for those who recognise that our true nature is actually returning to one’s child-like state; that of joy, harmony, love etc or do people tend to find Reiki healers like they do spirituality; when life is a disaster and nothing is going right?? 

Aaron Fehr: From my experience, most people often seek a Reiki practitioner because they have something within them that they want help with. While that thing may be helping them see their true nature, or helping them with a very specific tangible problem, the general feeling is that they are either unaware, unwilling or unable to fix it themselves, though of course, we all have the unlimited ability to resolve our own internal conflicts and do all of this ourselves, there is a strong social aspect of our nature that compels us to want the support from others while we are going through struggles. People view doctors in the same light, often trusting their advice and treatments, not really understanding all the subtle details of how the medicine is working, but they still want the experience of being helped by strong grounded energy from a person who has learned their craft and is able to act within it confidently.

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Question: Would you say you attracted a specific type of person that has made you aware of what humanity tends to commonly suffer from or is everyone’s emotional injuries so to speak, different?

Aaron Fehr: I feel that everyone is drawn to the healer they need the most, the nature of my personal practice is often very intense and this in itself calls to those who are looking for that specific experience. Every healer is different, just as every patient is different, but when two have similar intentions or have gone through similar experiences, these people, when they come together with the intention of healing, can have the best impact in each other’s lives. Though the common threads I have seen include a general feeling of not being able to accomplish our dreams, or not being appreciated by those around us. Again going back to the previous point I made about our strong social nature and wanting support from others, this tendency is very common as well, but everyone’s understanding of it and experiences with it will be different. I will add to this that every time I practice Reiki, I feel as though I grow and expand my own awareness to now include another perspective, this gives me more empathy and understanding of the experiences of others. So the people I attract are there to help me grow and heal too, whether they are aware of that or not!

Question: How did you become a Reiki healer?? 

Aaron Fehr: I took a chance. There was a general calling in me towards shamanism for as long as I can remember and I have always been fascinated with the spiritual realms, but this all came together when I had to step outside of my social circles and was looking for a musician to join a musical group for an upcoming concert I had been asked to play. This led me to a small group of musicians playing on the front door of my apartment at the time, one of them I recognized as my neighbour and so I asked if they would like to join. They declined but one of their friends accepted, it was this magical soul that was apart of a healing tribe and lived together in a space called “The Light House”. Seeing this life and the practices of these people made me instantly want to experience it myself and within a few weeks of this time, I had already started practising Reiki and working towards my attunements.

I have always felt drawn to metaphysics and having the opportunity to learn, presented itself to me, so I could not say no!

Question:Can you heal your own energy?

Aaron Fehr: Yes, of course, this is actually a prerequisite for any practitioner to really be effective in their patients. For the energy cannot flow through me and into the patient if there are energetic blocks within myself. From my understanding many Reiki teachers will often start teaching the practice by doing self Reiki, this allows you to both feel the energy leaving the hands, but also how it feels when it enters back into us.

Question:Do you have to be in the same room as the person you are healing?? 

Aaron Fehr: No, but it is often beneficial for that whole social and community aspect, much of the effects from my healings can take place in the conversations before and after the Reiki, so doing this via long-distance loses some of the connection and can make the practice seem less personal as a result. But the energy itself is not bound to the physical laws of this universe as the energy vibrates on another spectrum, and therefore can travel great distances instantaneously and without loss of efficiency.

Question😕 Is the process of healing through Reiki painful, difficult or hard for the ‘patient’?

Aaron Fehr: Everyone is different and sometimes when adjusting our body of consciousness from one state to another, this transition or growth is often not without the respective growing pains. Though I also regularly get individuals that fall into a deep sleep during my sessions and then wake up afterwards feeling absolutely fantastic and ready to go!

Question:As a Reiki healer, do you find it emotionally draining on your own self, or are you taught to protect your energies?? 

Aaron Fehr: There are many practices Reiki healers use to clear off their own energies and to make sure that anything from the patient doesn’t attach itself to us instead. These practices include very specific grounding visualizations and invocations of ascended masters to protect and guide the practice, as well as the use of clearing smokes and the use of water to wash the energy off the hands afterwards. While it can happen that we feel drained afterwards, we also know how to charge back up and how to identify our given state at any moment to make sure we are still on the right path.

Question:Is Reiki healing the breaking of old emotional patterns?

Aaron Fehr: Generally, the way energy moves through our body is based on levels of density, so there are very ethereal energies, which relate to our subconscious and subtle bodies, but there are also very dense energies, which relate to our physical bodies and tangible realities. So when a Reiki practitioner works, they often will settle the energy in a waterfall type manner, going to the source of the energy first, then adding levels of density to it. For example, if a person has physical pain, they would start on the subconscious level to see what patterns there can be affecting the denser realms, then what mental patterns or thoughts have been allowing this to manifest. Then to our emotional bodies and to look at what emotions are caused by, or causing the physical pain, and then finally is the actual result of all those energies working together, which creates the physical reality. So Reiki healing is the breaking of old emotional patterns, mental patterns, subconscious tenancies, and physical manifestations.

Question😕 Moving forward, does the patient or person rather, need to learn how to develop new emotional patterns in order to make those changes permanent and if that is the case, does a Reiki healer teach this?? 

Aaron Fehr: In general a good practitioner will shine a light on the behaviours or tenancies that would need to be adjusted, but the healer cannot live your life for you. It is the, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” situation, where the patient will be always free to take the suggestions of the practitioner or not. In my own personal practices, I can often see little visions of certain behaviours or actions that could be taken to help with the given ailment, so I will share these as possibilities to make sure the healing will be lasting.

Question:Do you have any thoughts, advice, or a perspective you can offer on the topic of the benefits of Reiki, healing and the journey to returning to our natural born state?? 

Aaron Fehr: I was given this perspective by one of the teachers within Mahajrya, an esoteric Buddhist tradition that also has branches which teach Mahananda Reiki, but the teacher showed me how by going into another persons field and correcting any behaviours for them, can result in a “stealing of karma” of sorts, where the person receiving the Reiki is not required to face their own karma because it was healed for them by the Reiki practitioner. So whenever I do work, I am always checking myself to make sure that my energy can help show them the way, but will not walk the path for them. We all have free will and we all will reap the karma of our actions, thoughts, emotions etc. We must face these experiences ourselves, but we don’t have to face them alone.

Aaron Fehr from Spirit Science discusses the Art of Reiki; from it's Japanese Origins to the profound energy healing benefits, this practice provides. world of frances

“Born a spiritual seeker, I have always been passionate about the various perspectives of our reality and our creators. My mission in life is to walk the path of the true masters and find myself as their student, sharing all that I have experienced with those around me and work to spread peace across the Earth!”

Aaron Fehr | Spirit Science

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