Vance Sports Therapy Interview: Business of Athletics & Physical Recreation

Vance Sports Therapy Interview: Business of Athletics & Physical Recreation

Vance Sports Therapy Interview: Build A Successful Business In Athletics & Physical Recreation


Beth Vance

Achilles Heel Clinic

Business Address: 

521 Great Western Road


Alternative Business Address: 
Garscube Sports Complex
West of Scotland Science Park
Kelvin Campus
Maryhill Road
G20 0SP

What inspired you to become self-employed?

The desire to work for me and on my own terms. Knowing that I only have myself to bring home the bread keeps me motivated. I am now a proud, sole-trading business owner.

How did you come up with your idea or concept for the business?

It is nothing complicated, I wanted to be a freelance sports massage therapist.

What was your mission on the outset?

To be able to financially emancipate myself from my parents, my own way and get myself on my feet without having to be stuck behind a desk.

What services do you offer?

I use therapeutic massage techniques in order to ease muscular pain, relieve tension and improve the range of movement, muscle quality and overall well-being of my client.

How do you advertise your business?

Word of mouth, Facebook and signage up in the places I work out of, have been useful in promoting my business. I sought advice from the marketing company that designed my logo and branding and I had also seen the success my friends, colleagues and associates had had when advertising their Arbonne or Forever Living pages. I used those techniques myself. I wouldn’t say it was too difficult learning how to use the Facebook advertising pages, I have always been somewhat tech savvy and it was very clear and informative when it came to paying for the advertisements i.e what you were getting, the results and were invoiced regularly so you can keep an eye on what you were spending.

To what do you owe your success to?

Financial motivation and my parents teaching me the true value of money. I also happen to love my job so it’s not a job, it’s a career.

What are the goals of your company?  

It’s all very selfless. It’s to help people and ensure I do my job to the best of my ability. I don’t set financial targets but it is always nice to have a little extra in the pocket.

What is it you love about your business?

It’s not stuck behind a desk punching keys, it’s interacting with people one-on-one from all backgrounds and all walks of life. I’m a people person and very outgoing. It makes me feel better knowing that my clients are comfortable around me, often their muscular aches are more than physical.

What has been the biggest lesson?

If it sounds too good to be true and an advertising company is phoning you from multiple mobile numbers offering you exclusivity, it is too good to be true and they are scamming you.

What made you choose this industry?

I wanted to work directly with people and I have always had a passion and keen interest in human anatomy and physiology.

Does your company help the community or any charities?

No, but I was lucky enough to be a volunteer Massage practitioner at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.

Have you ever turned down a client?

Yes, they were behaving inappropriately. It’s sadly important that, as a female working in my industry, that I am taken seriously for what I do as a profession.

If you have a piece of advice for someone starting a business, even a business similar to yours, what would you tell them?

It’s okay to be afraid or wary, it keeps you alert but you’re not going to get anywhere staying put. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Everything will be alright.

What did you study in order to start your business?

Two degrees at University that I didn’t actually need to do for my career but it gave me a good depth and breadth of knowledge that the course of my career alone gave me.


  • MRes Biomedical Sciences
  • BSc Hons Physiology & Sports Science
  • Diploma Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Diploma Swedish Massage
  • Diploma Seated Acupressure
  • Diploma Adult Cranial Osteopathic Therapy

Any tips you would like to add or any other information you would like people to know?  

Listen. Learn to open your eyes and ears, you’ll be surprised what you can learn from a total stranger.

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